PreQualification - SaskEnergy Place Mechanical Upgrades -- SX6821

Request for PreQualification (Inquiry SX6821) - SaskEnergy is looking to complete mechanical work at its 1777 Victoria Avenue location in Regina.

Scope of Work:  The scope of this project includes, but is not limited to, mechanical demolition of a boiler, two water-cooled chillers, associated piping, pumps and roof mounted cooling tower with remote sump.  The work also includes the relocation of an existing boiler and pump within the penthouse. As well as the addition of two new boilers, associated pumps, piping, venting and hydronic specialties.  The boiler work would be completed first followed by the addition of two new water-cooled chillers, associated piping, pumps, hydronic specialties, roof mounted cooling tower and new tower filtration system. Replacement of hydronic, domestic and sanitary risers in the building (10 storeys + parkade). New control system to serve the new heating and cooling plant, along with the existing air handling equipment.  The mechanical equipment is located in a 10th floor penthouse on a busy City site. Craning and hoisting utilizing a new knockout panel in the penthouse will be required to supply the mechanical equipment.

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Jo-Ann Rud
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
PreQualification - SaskEnergy Place Mechanical Upgrades
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